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Setting up a Server

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This page will help you setting up a dedicated Republic Commando server.


  • Windows operating system (For Linux: Run a server on Linux with UCC)
  • Graphical User Interface - GUI (No need if you use Republic Commando UCC)
  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable x86 and x64
  • Some RAM and CPU power, todays computers are strong enough
  • Game files need to be present on host system

Setting up shortcut

Create a shortcut of SWRepublicCommando.exe, open up its properties and add this line at the end:

-server -ini=System.ini

So it should look like this:

...System\SWRepublicCommando.exe" -server -ini=System.ini

The name of the ini file can be variable as long it exists.

Configure System.ini

Open up System.ini file with notepad.

Entry Point





Both lines have to be identical!!!

This will boot the server into Arena A17 with DeathMatch gamemode.

The commandline syntax is always: Mapname, Gamemode, Additional parameters

  • Note: Parameters get seperated with ? symbol


Available Maps for DM/TDM:

DM_Canyon           -Gunship
DM_Detention        -Lockdown
DM_Engine           -Engine
DM_Hangar           -Hangar
DM_HangingGarden    -Garden
DM_Pow              -Garrison
DM_PowSmall         -Depot
DM_Siege            -Arena A17
DM_Trando           -Ghostship
DM_UnderPass        -Kachirho
DM_ZeroG            -Arena G9

Available Maps for CTF/AS:

CTF_Detention        -Lockdown
CTF_Engine           -Engine
CTF_Hangar           -Hangar
CTF_HangingGarden    -Garden
CTF_Pow              -Garrison
CTF_Siege            -Arena A17
CTF_Trando           -Ghostship
CTF_UnderPass        -Kachirho
CTF_ZeroG            -Arena G9

Booting up a CTF map for DM/TDM gamemode doesn't matter, but booting up a DM map for CTF/AS gamemode will have the sideeffect that flags won't spawn.


Available gamemodes:

MPGame.DMGame        -Deathmatch
MPGame.TDGame        -TeamDeathmatch
MPGame.CTFGame       -Capture the flag
MPGame.ASGame        -Assault

Additional Parameters

Available parameters: (X represents a number) (Y represents a string)

GoalScore=X          -Set the score
Timelimit=X          -Set the timelimit in minutes
MaxPlayers=X         -Set max players for server, maximum is 32
MaxSpectators=X      -Set max spectators for server, maximum is 32
RespawnWaitTime=X    -Set respawn time, maximum are 7 seconds
MapListType=Y        -Tell the server to use this map list pool
NumRounds=8          -For Assault gamemode, set the number of rounds until match ends
RoundTime=300        -For Assault gamemode, set the round time in seconds


Using this line


will boot the server into:

  • Arena A17
  • Deathmatch gamemode
  • Set the score to 50 points
  • Set the timelimit to 1 hour (60 minutes)
  • Max players set to 32
  • Max spectators set to 8
  • Respawn time set to 4 seconds
  • Use maps from MapListCaptureTheFlag pool

For the map list pools, see below.

Add the server to ingame browser

Both, client and server, need this patch installed in order to see/put servers on master list for ingame browser.

Search for

;Set the below to broadcast on Lan
;Set this to 2 to broadcast to gamespy

and set it to 2 in order to broadcast it on the browser.

Change server name

Search for

ServerName=Republic Commando Server
ShortName=RC Server

and change ServerName to your desired name.

Map pools

At the end of your ini file, you will find 5 default map pools. The structure is always the same. Besides those default pools, you can add custom pools aswell.

The commandline parameters from the top always get carried to the new map on map change as long you dont change them. You can of course change stuff like gamemode.



  • MapNum=0 needs to be there, to be honest I don't know why
  • Every other map on slot 2 or higher has to be added with Maps+=XXX instead of Maps=XXX

System.ini file in Save folder

After first start of server and closing it after boot up, take a look at the System.ini file in \GameData\Save folder.

It's not only a 1 to 1 copy of the System.ini from System folder, it also adds some extra config stuff at the end.

For example you will find something like this at the end:

bBalanceTeams=True                -Balance teams?
bEmptyTeamStart=True              -Let the player spawn on TDM/CTF/AS when he is alone
bPermanentDeath=False             -No effect
RoundTime=0                       -Assault stuff
NumRounds=0                       -Assault stuff
MaxTeamSize=16                    -Change the maximum numbers of players per team
FriendlyFireScale=0               -Friendly fire in %
bPlayersMustBeReady=False         -No effect
bForceRespawn=False               -Respawn players automatically
bAdjustSkill=False                -No effect
bAllowTaunts=True                 -No effect
SpawnProtectionTime=2             -Set spawnprotection in seconds
bTeamScoreRounds=False            -No effect, N/A
RespawnWaitTime=7                 -Respawn time in seconds
bWeaponStay=False                 -No effect
bAllowWeaponThrowing=True         -No effect
bAllowBehindView=False            -No effect
MapListType=                      -Assign a map list pool
GoalScore=0                       -Set score limit
TimeLimit=0                       -Set time limit

These are default values which are always getting loaded. Most of them are self explaining.

  • They can also be added to the commandline!