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Run a server on Linux with UCC

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Basic Configuration

First of all, you need all the configuration done, so head over to Setting up a Server.


  • Linux machine capable of running wine (No GUI required)
  • Game files on host system (GameData folder)
  • Republic Commando UCC app


  • Install wine (32 Bit) on your linux machine accordingly to instructions
  • Install screen application
  • Upload game files to linux machine (GameData folder)
  • Create a bash script inside GameData/System to start server:
screen -d -m -S swrc wine UCC.exe Engine.ServerCommandlet
  • Server will run now on screen process and will be detached from your terminal

Using screen

To look up all running screen sessions, use:

screen -ls

To switch into a screen session, use:

screen -r <screen name>

To detach screen from terminal, press ctrl + A and ctrl + D

Master Server Query

Install multiplayer browser fix from Useful Stuff for Client.