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Republic Commando UCC

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UCC is a command line utility for early Unreal engine games. Star Wars: Republic Commando ships without one, but a custom one has been made available as a result of reverse engineering.

Description: A custom UCC.exe for Republic Commando. Used for executing Unreal Commandlets.

Latest Build: here


Batchexport Commandlet

The batchexport commandlet is made available by UCC. This commandlet can parse the game's resource archives in order to export any exportable type in bulk. Here is the syntax for converting some texture package, called "exampletexturepackage.utx" from the game into a set of tga files in ExampleOutputFolder:

./ucc.exe batchexport exampletexturepackage.utx texture tga ".\\ExampleOutputFolder"

In particular, UCC can extract batches of sounds from the UAX archives where Republic Commando's voice lines and sound effects are stored. The batchexport commandlet does this. See how to extract game audio using UCC for details.