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Useful Stuff for Client

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This section is all about linking useful stuff you can install for your game.

Graphics Fix

This is a fix for Star Wars Republic Commando which deals with BumpMapping problems on newer graphics cards. You are now able to play the game how it is supposed to look with Bumpmapping on high and without crashes or strange looking artifacts on ingame objects that use bumpmaps. It also adds some enhancements like an FOV slider, more resolution options up to 4k, mesh and animation fixes, higher resolution clone commando mesh and some more minor things.

Attention: Keep in mind that installing any mods won't let you play on "vanilla" multiplayer servers. It's always a good idea to install mods on a copy.

Created by Leon.

Download here

Multiplayer Server Browser Fix

This file recovers RC's Multiplayer server browser which has been shut down with GameSpy. It's based on PLASMA[GER]'s fix I just wrote a little program to make things easier. Run this file as admin and you are able to join and host servers over the ingame server browser. If you are using any mods which replace the game's original files (like the graphics fix) you are only able to join servers which have these mods too. So keep a backup of the original RC or host your own server with mods.

Created by PLASMA[GER] and Leon.

Download here

Republic Commando UCC

UCC.exe is a Unreal command-line tool which was used up until Unreal Engine 3. It’s purpose is to execute Unreal command-line applets (commandlets) that are usually written in native code but can also be written in UnrealScript, like Core.HelloWorldCommandlet. The most prominent one is the ‘make’ commandlet which compiles UnrealScript code from *.uc files and places it in newly created packages. For some reason Republic Commando shipped without a UCC.exe. However, it was possible to recreate it.