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Troubleshooting Client

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Some mainstream problems and solutions, it is recommended to check out Files and Useful Stuff (Client).


Launch the game with -windowed -log parameter to get output log window. Alternatively you can look up the written log file in GameData/System/SWRepublicCommando.log.

Useful commands:

togglefullscreen           -Switch between fullscreen and window mode
setres 1920x1080           -Set a desired resolution. For example full HD
setmousesensitivity        -Set a custom mouse sensitivity. Does not work on main menu!
showlog                    -Switch to window mode if necessary and open up log window for information/debugging
stat fps                   -Show FPS counter at top right corner
quit                       -Closes the game instantly

Intro movies not playing and white/pink main menu screen

This is due to a lack of installed media codecs on the operating system. (AVI/MPG)

Clicking on new game crashes game

This is due to bump mappings not being compatible with current video cards.

  • Go to settings menu and set bump mapping to low
  • If using an Intel GPU, also set projectors and squad shadows to low
  • Don't use the remaster mod

To make bump mapping usable again and get other fixes and quality of life improvements, download Republic Commando Fix: here

Going to options menu crashes game

Happens rarely, cause unknown.

Multiplayer browser not working

Download Republic Commando Fix: here

Mouse sensitivity very high at main menu

Mouse movement is dependant on FPS, either play in window mode or use Republic Commando Fix: here

Subtraction to matinee scene

Adding a subtraction in the matinee scene, then clicking add can result in the program crashing.

1. Have four interpolation points pathed around a cube.
2. Switch to matinee mode.
3. Select (left click) scene.
4. Select Action tab.
5. Expand sub.	
6. Left click on ellispes.
7. Left click add.
8. program crashes

FluidSurfaceInfo crash

Simply adding a FluidSurfaceInfo from the actors list can crash the engine.

1. Left click the Actor Class Browser from the menu tool bar at the top of the program. The icon looks like a chess pawn.
2. Left click on the plus (+) to expand Actor. 
3. Left click on the plus (+) to expand Info.
4. Left click FluidSurfaceInfo to have it selected.
5. Within the 3D viewport right click to open up the context menu then select 'Add FluidSurfaceInfo Here' from the top. 
6. Program crashes.

Disappearing FluidSurfaceInfos

1. Open actor browser and select FluidSurfaceInfo in Actor → Info → FluidSurfaceInfo
2. Left click the hole you want to select to add your water.
3. Right click to open up the context menu.
4. Click Edit → Paste → Here and the FluidSurfaceInfo will show up.

It may disappear so you’ll have to set all of the properties you want right then and there because once it’s gone, it’s gone. You can play on the level and the water will show up however I haven’t found a way to edit the properties yet after the actor disappears. You may have to write down the properties you want before disselecting so knowing some information about how the FluidSurfaceInfo property works would be helpful.