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Troubleshooting Client

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This page will help you troubleshooting Star Wars Republic Commando. As this game was developed in 2003 and released for Windows XP times, it may be tricky sometimes to get it to run. By default, this game runs on every Windows(2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10). Anyway there are some criteria to fulfill.

Required Software

Microsoft DirectX 9.0c

Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable (32 Bit)


Try to set the compatibility of SWRepublicCommando.exe to Windows XP SP3 and run it as admin.

Create a shortcut of SWRepublicCommando.exe, open up the properties and add '-window -log' to the end of the commandline.
..\SWRepublicCommando.exe" -window -log
The log windows shows much more information which can be helpful.

Also open up SWRepublicCommando.log file with notepad and see what the crash caused.

When the game crashes after selecting new game, go to options menu and set bump mapping to low.

The insane fast mouse speed in main menu cannot be fixed unless you go to window mode. Try to use keyboard navigation.

Useful Commands

togglefullscreen           -Switch between fullscreen and window mode
setres widthXheigth        -Set a custom resolution. Example for Full HD: setres 1920x1080
setmousesensitivity        -Set a custom mouse sensitivity. DOES NOT APPLY FOR MAIN MENU!  Also comma values are written with actual .(point) not ,(comma) Example: setmousesensitivity 0.25
showlog                    -Switch to window mode if necessary and open up log window for information/debugging
stat fps                   -Show FPS counter at top right corner
quit                       -Closes the game instantly

Useful Parameters

There are many parameters, which can be added to a shortcut for SWRepublicCommando.exe and might be useful for debugging/testing:

-benchmark                 -Do some sort of benchmarks (Someone look this up)
-defaultres                -Set the resolution to default on startup (800x600?)
-exec=                     -Execute console commands from a file located in system folder
-firstrun                  -(??? Someone needs to look this up)
-ini=                      -Specify a custom ini file to load besides default system.ini file
-log                       -Opens up log window immediately
-nojoy                     -(No Joystick/Controller???)
-nosound                   -Starts the game without any sound
-noui                      -Starts the game without userinterface
-server                    -Initiate the server, see: Requirements Server
-safe                      -Run the game in some sort of safemode (Someone needs to look this up)
-testrendev=               -Test a specific Renderdevice (D3D?)