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Troubleshooting Client

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Required Software

  • Microsoft DirectX 9.0c
  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable x86


  • When the game crashes after loading new game, go to options menu and set bump mapping to low.
  • Create a shortcut of SWRepublicCommando.exe, open up the properties and add '-windowed -log' to the end of the commandline:
    ..\SWRepublicCommando.exe" -windowed -log
    The log windows shows much more information which can be helpful.

Useful Commands

togglefullscreen           -Switch between fullscreen and window mode
setres 1920x1080           -Set a desired resolution. For example full HD
setmousesensitivity        -Set a custom mouse sensitivity. Does not work on main menu!
showlog                    -Switch to window mode if necessary and open up log window for information/debugging
stat fps                   -Show FPS counter at top right corner
quit                       -Closes the game instantly

Useful Parameters

There are many parameters, which can be added to a shortcut for SWRepublicCommando.exe and might be useful for debugging/testing:

-benchmark                 -Do some sort of benchmarks (Someone look this up)
-defaultres                -Set the resolution to default on startup (800x600?)
-ini=                      -Specify a custom ini file to load besides default system.ini file
-log                       -Opens up log window immediately
-nosound                   -Starts the game without any sound