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Files and Useful Stuff (Client)

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A list of useful stuff for game client:

Republic Commando Fix

A bunch of useful tools for your game including UCC, Gamespy Fix, Bumpmapping Fix and other features: download

Official Patch 1.0

The one and only official patch released by LucasArts. Includes UnrealED and multiplayer map Hangar: download

DRM free EXE

DRM free EXE of the game compatible with Retail and Steam version to quickly boot up the game: download

UEViewer (Umodel)

A third party tool for all kind of games using Unreal Engine to extract gamedata: download

ActorX Plugin

A third party plugin for Autodesk 3DS Max to import and export Unreal Engine ASE/PSK/PSA files: download


A third party plugin for Blender to import and export Unreal Engine PSK/PSA files: download