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Run Server on Linux

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Note: This guide requires Create Basic Server (Windows) to be used and setup on the linux machine. If it hasn't been done yet, do it now!


  • Linux machine capable of running wine (No GUI required)
  • Game files on host system (GameData folder)
  • Republic Commando UCC


  • Install wine (32 Bit) on your linux machine accordingly to the instructions
  • Install screen
  • Upload game files to linux machine (GameData folder)
  • Create a bash script inside GameData/System to start server: screen -d -m -S swrc wine UCC.exe Engine.ServerCommandlet

Execute the bash script and server will run on screen process and will be detached from your terminal.

Switching to server console

  • To look up current screen sessions: screen -ls
  • To switch to the desired screen window: screen -r <name>
  • To detach from screen window, press ctrl + A and ctrl + D.