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The packages in this folder contain the default properties for almost all of the classes in the game. Each class has an invisible <ClassName> + 'Defaults' class which is stored in one of the following packages.

File MD5 Checksum Comment
AccessoryProperties.u bb6e825be6e931de9591e0afec0fa911 -
AnimPropProperties.u 0d702e3d91e5c6a8dbf8c4d78f1ab650 -
AudioEnv.u afef600f0df9565b03bd84ddbabd205c -
CTEffects.u 49aa8a7c0b69842e45871dcc75cc120b -
DeathProperties.u 0265738b28f976ead93e0d92bc3a648a -
FootstepProps.u 5da20e9091a5e3d2a2669a60c5bb991d -
KarmaPropProperties.u 32469932faefa1feee83e53532da1282 -
LightObjectProperties.u ff121d82cbf17f23bc15d78c3fdebe66 -
MarkerProperties.u 8d5fedf3dbd7e2d1a3b5f9636037a666 -
MoverProperties.u ff09ef0eeea8bb3ea0cf774b084ece65 -
PhysicalMaterials.u 32a922efed84682d9ae9ec86c4db1b74 -
Properties.u 41a3a8042998d39a6653882980aa570e -
Reverb.u 44c182bd3a813605e19dba253f5503ce -
StaticPropProperties.u fe2046293136023099315e7b12da0801 -
VoicePacks.u 3ae95c08e2fabda0b361b582381ccd38 -