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MS Visual Studio 2003

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Republic Commando was developed using Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003 which makes it the best version to use to make sure native mods are as compatible as possible with the game. It should work fine on newer versions of Windows if you follow the installation steps on this page.

Download: here

Take a look at Writing Native Code for a detailed guide on how to use it for Republic Commando.


.NET framework version 1.1

Before you can install Visual Studio .NET 2003 you first need the .NET framework 1.1. However, it is not possible to install it the normal way due to compatibility issues with modern windows. As a convenience you can use this preconfigured installer: Simply extract the archive at a suitable location and run "install.bat".

Visual Studio .NET 2003

Note: The installer might fail due to some file paths being too long so rename the folder you extracted from the archive to something short and put it in a directory that is not too far from the root like the desktop. To install it, simply run "setup.exe". Follow the steps as shown: First install the prerequisites and then Visual Studio itself. You can skip the remaining two installation steps since they are not required.