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Directory Layout

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Note: Unimportant files and folders will not be explained in the listing below!


Contains install and launcher files.

Folder Description
Code By default not present. Used to export Unrealscript classes and write custom code to be compiled with UCC.
GameData Contains all the relevant gamedata files.
Install Contains setup installer and launcher files. Unused unless booting directly from CD.


Contains relevant game files.

Folder Description
Animations Contains all animation files in UKX packages.
Cache By default not present. Used to store downloaded content from server as cache. Only maps supported in this game!
Help Contains splash screen file and icon.
KarmaData Contains Karma data files for Karme physics engine in Unreal Engine.
LinearMaps (Only XBOX) Contains all map files.
Maps Contains all map files.
Media (Only XBOX) Contains audio and video files.
Movies Contains movie files like intro and extras.
Music Contains music soundtracks in .ogg format.
Out By default not present. Used to output debug data/files.
Prefabs Predefined/premade assets to be used inside editor for faster workflow.
Properties Some Uscript properties get saved into seperate files and store in here.
Save Contains game profiles and ini files to be edited as well as saves.
Sounds Contains all sound effects and voice dialogues in UAX packages.
StaticMeshes Contains all static meshes in USX packages.
System Contains all binaries, settings, language and some Uscript files.
System-Scalar Contains all binaries without SSE instructions.
Textures Contains all textures in UTX packages.