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Directory Layout

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This page will explain the directory layout of Republic Commando files and their mechanics. Some directories are only used in the XBOX version.

Folder Description
Animations Animation and Skeletalmeshes are stored in here
Cache Downloaded files from server will be stored in here
Help No real help in here, just the logo and icon of this game
KarmaData Karma files for physics engine are stored in here
LinearMaps Only present on XBOX system. Map files are stored in here
Maps Map files get stored in here
Media Only present on XBOX system. Used to store images.
Movies Contains movie files like main menu background
Music Music files as ogg file streams
Out Used to save dynamic created files from debug commands
Prefabs Prefabs in here
Properties Contains default properties for the game's classes
Save Used to save profiles and other configuration settings
Sounds Sounds get saved and stored in packages
StaticMeshes 3D models (objects) stored in packages
System Stores all type of system related files (Executabe, DLLs, Core-Engine files)
System-Scalar Used as a backup for DLL files
Textures Textures in this folder