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Compiling with MS Visual Studio 2017

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After following the Writing Native Code guide, you may want to get the project up and running with a more modern IDE. You can find the download for the latest version of Microsoft Visual Studio Community edition Download: here. This guide assumes you are using Microsoft Visual Studio 2017.

Opening the Project in VS2017

NOTE: The 2003->2017 project conversion process is one way and cannot be undone. It might be a good idea to create a backup before starting this process.

After running through the installation process, find the CT.sln file in your code folder. Right click on it and select the option 'Open With' -> 'Microsoft Visual Studio 2017'. Run through the project conversion dialog and wait for visual studio to spit out the conversion report. There will be some warning, but you should be able to open the project in VS2017.

Known Compilation Errors

The following are known compilation issues that must be addressed before the project can successfully compile with VS2017 (changes in highlighted):

UnModel.h - UBspNodes::Serialize() - Line 164 - Added INT before 'i' in the second loop to properly declare the 'i' variable in scope:

UnObjBas.h - #define IMPLEMENT_CLASS() - Line 372 - Added & to properly reference the static member function: