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Used as a backup place for all DLLs from system folder.

File MD5 Checksum Comment
ALAudio.dll 75b9f8565ac2d717fd136fab7f6afcac -
Core.dll 06ce05168f08fb526ab9e583a8e10d09 -
CTGame.dll e1caa6d91ecd0385d2230aeb0abe6e69 -
CTMarkers.dll 6bcd16e8ae112a0189c620dcfdb386c8 -
D3DDrv.dll 5de593d7abab829f222944fb7f5d192d -
Engine.dll c219f5ccf87f861f0ecb17721ca873a9 -
Gameplay.dll 126661df5ef82630411f3012e11ea6e0 -
GameSpyMgr.dll a41f5905e98cb7b6a466f455774717cc -
IpDrv.dll 874409c71b01e34616893e4bed576b6c -
UWeb.dll d9a4c7d3404e7761db40249e5b2340fc -
Window.dll 1ec4391d45371a887cc3c6ac41dc261f -
WinDrv.dll 6e087533168eb33efd4f502f3c44b86f -
XGame.dll 96aaa83cd9be9e834b38bccb2f600469 -
XInterface.dll 14486ac557ca5b141c713660c96aab7c -