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Setting up a static mesh for use in an animation

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Be sure you have imported a custom static mesh, or have a stock one picked out in the Static Mesh browser. To make our weapon appear in the 1st person view, we need to set up an effect that displays the static mesh in the animation. This article will specifically be focused on creating the effect for use later on in the animation. This tutorial will use the clone blaster mesh.

To begin, make sure that your static mesh has collision. You can set collision in the drop down menu Collision Tools, then pick any collision option that is DOP or OBB.


Next, head over to Actor Classes and uncheck "Placeable classes only?"

Navigate to Emitter.


Right-click on Emitter and select "New".

Set the name of the Emitter to whatever you want, but [WeaponNameHere]Emitter is recommended (e.g. CloneBlasterEmitter).

You can leave the package at "Properties". If you do a different package (e.g. ctinventory), make sure you remember which one.


Click OK, and a new window will appear that contains the properties of the emitter.

Here are the values that you need to change, as well as their category:

--DisplayAdvanced > DrawType needs to be set to DT_StaticMesh.

--Hidden > bOnlyDrawIfAttached needs to be set to true.

--Display > bUnlit needs to be set to false.


Next, navigate to DisplayAdvanced > StaticMesh.

Making sure that your desired mesh is selected in the Static Mesh tab, click on StaticMesh, then click "Use".


You can close out of the properties and click the save button. If you need to open the emitter again, it will be under effects in the actor classes browser, possible with an asterisk (*) in front of it. You can double click it to edit its properties.