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All KarmaData will be stored here.

KarmaData files are just XML files, which contain information for the built-in physics engine.

File MD5 Checksum Comment
Ambient.ka ea77a2b352f7f3baad3090221bc56a31 -
Clone.ka 3a92af0eedb96f70efdece95f97f6d25 -
CT.kaw 9931581f17baab85062b1871ccb41ab6 -
Droid.ka df1bc54a32bfa6f73b4b62e88b8d9fae -
Geonosian.ka 5d87d8418b32c26da922545fdccaef73 -
RASAnimProps.ka 3c1f72bc7eb065552bab2c8ed634fb92 -
Trandoshan.ka 83bc99ec7a14612035796559f5be84fd -
Turrets.ka 00cc3fcb447a8e17d0f00f0fddcedd9e -
Vehicles.ka 956bda353b782547d7833e3bb8180ff1 -
Wookiee.ka 9c9b7135c59f565501a92ea5146175d3 -