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Engine Version

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Star Wars Republic Commando or "SWRC" for short utilizes Unreal Engine Version 2226, Build 139. It was compiled by Lucas Arts in Jan 25, 2005.

It's based on UT2003 with a dash of UT2004 for good flavor.


  • The UnrealEd editor has a different movement mode and a rotation gimbal
    • This was done to closer match Autodesk Maya, as the 3D artists were used to that instead of the movement in UE
    • This feature can be toggled off by going into the Advanced Options (View->Advanced Options), going into Editor and turning on UseOldInterface
  • Republic Commando does not have an external Malloc class, the Malloc object is initialized internally in the appInit function
    • Therefore, the appInit call is missing the Malloc argument.