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Using the Unreal Engine 2.5 can be an exercise in patience because often times the program will crash unexpectedly. This page is meant to inform users of the many ways the engine crashes so these situations can be avoided.

Remember save your work all of the time.


Subtraction to matinee scene

Steps to reproduce:

1. Adding a subaction in the matinee scene then clicking add can result in the program crashing.

1. Have four interpolation points pathed around a cube.
2. Switch to matinee mode.
3. Select (left click) scene.
4. Select Action tab.
5. Expand sub.	
6. Left click on ellispes.
7. Left click add.
8. program crashes

2. Simply adding a FluidSurfaceInfo from the actors list can crash the engine.

1. Left click the Actor Class Browser from the menu tool bar at the top of the program. The icon looks like a chess pawn.
2. Left click on the plus (+) to expand Actor. 
3. Left click on the plus (+) to expand Info.
4. Left click FluidSurfaceInfo to have it selected.
5. Within the 3D viewport right click to open up the context menu then select 'Add FluidSurfaceInfo Here' from the top. 
6. Program crashes.