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The Console in Republic Commando can be brought up by pressing ~ (US Keyboard) or ^ (EU Layout) on your keyboard. If you still can't open it ingame, go to your profile folder and open User.ini in notepad. Select a key for the console to assign and add the "consoletoggle" command. Also remove semicolon otherwise game will ignore the key.


In ..\GameData\Save\Profile_XXX\User.ini

F1 = consoletoggle

Note: Console can only be opened while being ingame, not in the menu!

Also, ??? indicates effects are unknown or need to be more looked at.

Cheats Commands

Found in CheatManager.uc

AllWeapons                      -Drops every weapon in game. Campaign Only
Avatar                          -Destroys current Player Pawn, and allows you to choose another.
BlindAI                         -Makes AI almost non-interactable with other AI, and Environment.
BlindEnemies                    -All enemies will not interact with Player or AI of same faction.
CauseEvent                      -Allows you to trigger a campaign related event.
ChangeSize                      -Allows you to change player or pawn scale.
CheatView                       -Allows player to view specified class.
Darman                          -Loads next level.
DeafAI                          -AI will be deaf to gunfire, movement, and explosions.
DeafEnemies                     -Only Enemies will be deaf.
EndPath                         -Does nothing
Fierfek                         -Reloads and restores full ammo to weapons and nades.
Fly                             -Fly like a bird, Campaign Only
FreeCamera                      -Seperates camera from player and allows you to move around map freely.
FreezeFrame                     -Freezes the game. Enter a number to delay until that frame happens.
Ghost                           -Allows you to fly and clip through walls and pawns.
HOG                             -Kills anything that the crosshair is pointing at.
Invisible                       -Makes your pawn disappear.
KillAll                         -Kills everything on map, including meshes and actors.
KillPawns                       -Kills every pawn on map.
KillViewedActor                 -Kills destructible objects on screen.
Lamasu                          -Unlocks all levels.
ListDynamicActors               -Lists actors that are unique in-game to the log file.
Loaded                          -Gives all weapons and ammunition.
LockCamera                      -Locks camera into place or area.
LogScriptedSequences            -Places sequence into a log file.
LoopAnim                        -Loops the animation played.
PlayAnim                        -Plays animation if it isn't already.
PlayersOnly                     -Disables AI
RememberSpot                    -Not well known other than it allows either pawn or AI to remember location.
ReviewJumpSpots                 -Tests the jumping in various conditions. Ex: Low-Gravity, Normal, etc...
SetCameraDist                   -Allows you to set the camera distance from a target.
SetCoords                       -Allows you to set coordinates of player.
SetFlash                        -Allows you to set duration of a screen flash to fade away.
SetFogB                         -Sets a Blue component of fog.
SetFogG                         -Sets a Green component of fog.
SetFogR                         -Sets a Red component of fog.
SetGravity                      -Allows modification of gravity.
SetJumpZ                        -Allows modification of current set jump scale.
SetMesh                         -Allows modification of current mesh.
SetSpeed                        -Allows modification of player ground speed.
SloMo                           -Changes gamespeed.
SmiteEvil                       -Kills all enemies. Campaign Only.
StopAnim                        -Stops animation that is being played.
Summon                          -Allows you to spawn a pawn, requires specific package name of pawn.
Teleport                        -Allows teleportation of player pawn.
TheMatulaakLives                -God Mode
Trig                            -Allows you to trigger a campaign related event.
ViewActor                       -Allows player to view a specified actor in game.
ViewBot                         -Allows player to view bots currently in game.
ViewClass                       -Allows player to view specified class.
ViewPlayer                      -Allows you to view a player.
ViewSelf                        -Allows you to return to your pawn.
Walk                            -Changes your groundspeed to a walking pace.
WriteToLog                      -Writes information in-game to log. Useful for debugging issues.

Core Commands

Found in Core.dll

confighash                   -Writes the amount of items in all config hash slots to the log file
decwatermark                 -???
dumpallocprofile             -???
dumpallocsbysize             -Writes a list of all memory allocations sorted by their size to the log file
dumpfreelist                 -???
dumpnatives                  -Displays all available indices for native functions
dumpobjectprofile            -???
dumpresourcehash             -Writes the number of resources contained in each resource hash bin to the log file
endfullscreen                -Exits full screen. Sets value to 0
getcurrentres                -Gets current resolution.
getsystemlanguage            -Gets language of game.
gtime                        -???
incwatermark                 -???
meminfo                      -Gets memory usage information.
memstat                      -Displays memory statistics.
namecount                    -Returns number of registered names.
resetallocprofile            -???
startobjectprofile           -???
togglefullscreen             -Toggles between fullscreen and windowed.
toggleime                    -???
watermark                    -???

Engine Commands

Found in Engine.dll

aa                         -Sets level of anti aliasing
aimhelp                    -???
axis                       -???
bloom                      -???
bloomfilter                -???
bloomquality               -Sets quality of bloom effects. 0 : off, 1 : low, 2 : high
blur                       -???
bump                       -Sets bumpmapping detail. Broken! Only able to turn it off completely
BumpSize                   -Sets the strength of the bumpmapping effect
button                     -???
checkpad                   -??? Prints "CheckPad Found" to the Log
checksoundplaying          -???
cinematics                 -Toggle cinematics (black bars). Unused
cinematicsratio            -Set ratio for cinematics
count                      -???
debugregionmatrix          -???
droplod                    -???
dumpdynenvlight            -Prints information about dynamic environment lights in the current level
dumpmem                    -???
dumptime                   -???
endgame                    -???
endlevel                   -???
exec                       -Executes console commands from a specified txt file
filmgrain                  - ?! No visible effect
flush                      -Flushes engine cache
framefx                    -Toggles fx like bloom or blur
gamelog                    -Opens log window
getcurrenttickrate         -Gets the current tickrate of the game
getmaxtickrate             -Gets the maximum tickrate of the game
getping                    -Always returns 0. Only useful for the server when querying the ping for a remote player
graph                      -???
hwcull                     -Toggles hardware occlusion culling
inject                     -Sends a command to the server
isfullscreen               -Prints "true" or "false" depending on whether the game is in fullscreen or not
lanspeed                   -Sets your LAN speed
lightenvflag               -???
lightopt                   -???
listanims                  -Writes all animations linked with specified skeletal mesh to the log file
netspeed                   -Set your internet speed
nodistort                  -Enables/disables an underwater screen distort effect. This is used for the baby POV in the prologue.
nohud                      -Hides HUD
hud                        -Shows HUD
pausesounds                -Pauses music and ambient sounds
pulse                      -???
reload                     -???
report                     -Writes a game report in MS Excel format and puts it in Save/Out folder out. Copies information about the current map, game mode, and player to the clipboard.
rmode                      -Used to set different rendering modes. The number can be between 1 and 34
shadowlength               -???
shadows                    -Turn dynamic shadows on or off. Seems to be bugged and can cause shadows frozen in place.
shadowsperframe            -Sets amout of dynamic shadows to render per frame
shot                       -Takes a screenshot
showall                    -Makes all actors visible regardless if bHidden is true
showambient                -???
showastat                  -???
showchannels               -Shows all sound channels and which sound they're currently playing
showduck                   -???
showenv                    -???
showextentlinecheck        -Shows the player's bounding box while moving
showlinecheck              -???
showpointcheck             -???
showqmem                   -???
showsfx                    -???
showsounds                 -???
showstreamed               -???
showvoice                  -Displays the name of the voice sound that is currently playing using a different text color and position for each character
sockets                    -Shows every connected actor
sound_reboot               -Reboots sound engine
stat                       -See STAT
stopsounds                 -Stops every sound of the game
togglerefrast              -Toggle software rasterizer (unused)
tvsafezone                 -Draws a red square across screen borders
unpausesounds              -Resume music and ambient sounds
rend (Toggle commands)
    -desc                   - Draws the names of objects in the player's view
    -anim                   - ???
    -light                  - ???
    -normals                - Draws mesh normals
    -bone                   - Draws skeleton for skinned meshes
    -skin                   - Whether to draw skeletal meshes
    -bound                  - Shows bounding boxes
    -coll                   - Shows actor collision cylinder and ragdoll collisions
        -all                - Show all volumes
        -none               - Hide all volumes
        -physics            - Show physics volumes only
        -blocking           - Show blocking volumes only
    -default                - Resets above commands
show (Toggle commands)
        -coords              - Displays the player's location and rotation

Gamespy Commands

Found in GameSpyMgr.dll

GAMESPY BEGIN_INTERNET_QUERY            -Start querying for internet servers
GAMESPY BEGIN_LAN_QUERY                 -Start querying for LAN servers
GAMESPY CANCEL_QUERY                    -Stop any running query
GAMESPY CHECK_CDKEY                     -Check a CD Key Hash Code of a connected player (Server only)
GAMESPY CLEAR_QUERY_RESULTS             -Clear any queried servers
GAMESPY GET_CDKEY_RESULT                -Get the result of the CD Key check wether it's validated or not
GAMESPY GET_QUERY_COUNT                 -???
GAMESPY GET_QUERY_RESULTS               -Get the query results
GAMESPY GET_QUERY_STATUS                -Status of query: in progress, done, timed out...
GAMESPY SET_QUERY_FILTER_STRING         -Add a string to filter
GAMESPY SORT_QUERY_RESULTS              -Sort results for browser